1. Membership
a. Members have full consensus privileges if they wish to exercises them.
b. Members may form autonomous working groups and launch projects that are supported by the resources of SNC within the guidelines described below.
2. Guidelines
a. There is no restriction on non-members participating in projects of the organization. But only members can speak on behalf of the organization.
b. The structure of SNC is non-hierarchical. There are no elected officers. The ongoing tasks of SNC are managed by the members.
c. Membership is voluntary. The only requirement is to assume ongoing responsibility for one of the tasks of the organization.
d. All meetings are open to the membership and the general public. Decisions at these meetings are made by consensus building.
e. Working groups must stay in communication with the membership.
f. Any member may launch an idea for a project or other task by communicating with the membership. If there are no objections the project may continue.
g. All events or activities sponsored by SNC must fall within the scope of our mission statement. Therefore if any member is concerned that a sponsored action is inappropriate, the concern should be raised to the membership.
h. All decisions can be revisited.

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